Sunday, March 14, 2010

Raymarching - Part 0

raymarching minimum distance - part 0 - wonderfl build flash online

I have been contemplating on the idea of a ray tracing application created within actionscript. My first experiment in this field can be found here.
The first time I have been exposed to such graphics algorithm was about 2 years ago through a post about a GPU technique used in raymarching, geometry representation, and shading a scene - a high performance demo scene entry, if I recall correctly. Needless to say, their results were much more impressive than mine.

The first image to come out of the application is really disturbing as I can't really wrap my head around what is being generated - I can create a simple sphere and totally know what's happening, but put in a few coordinate wrapping transformations and everything goes out of hand.
The camera is animated so that the true 3D nature of the algorithm can be appreciated.
Normal light calculations are next to come.

In the upcoming posts about this technique I will be trying to control the geometry to match the vision I have in my head, and I will explain more about this raymarching if it is the case I am doing something out of the normal.


  1. salam

    even i had not understood your "AriTHmaTic THings". but it seems good,graphically.and i believe in your effort>> so just keep going :)


  2. What do you think about Cell BE Ray-tracing capabilities.